Links to websites of interest

City of Redwood City links:

General Plan

Downtown Precise Plan

Planning Dept. list of current development projects

Planning Dept. Scoping Report

Scoping comments to first Notice of Preparation for Saltworks 

Links related to the Saltworks project:

Saltworks project website created by developer DMB 

City’s page on Saltworks proposal 

Notice of Preparation and Initial Study for Saltworks proposal 

Tier One report on transportation 

Tier One report on water demand and supply 

Tier One report on jurisdictional issues

NEW! Cargill Jurisdictional Determination Documents

Links related to wetlands and environmental concerns: 

San Francisco Estuary Institute’s Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals 

Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s Staff Report on Salt Ponds 

News articles, op-eds, and letters to the editor (chronological order):

“New group forms to oppose Saltworks,” Redwood City, October 4, 2010.  

“Irony abounds in sale of Kern water,” Bakersfield Californian, August 27, 2011.

“Water agency leaders oppose deal for proposed Cargill Redwood City development,” San Jose Mercury News, August 24, 2011.

“Port unions fight Saltworks project,” Business Times, June 17, 2011.

“Report: Saltworks Redwood City project could dump 7,000 more cars into rush-hour traffic,” San Jose Mercury News, February 23, 2011.

“Concern grows over traffic impact of Cargill development,” San Francisco Examiner, February 18, 2011.

“A risky development,” San Francisco Chronicle, December 6, 2010.

“Portola Valley joins chorus against Cargill project,” The Almanac, November 15, 2010. 

“Major quake or flood could be disastrous for Cargill's Saltworks project,” by Karen Keefer, retired FEMA official and team leader for Redwood City’s Community Emergency Response Team. Published in San Jose Mercury News, 9/27/10. 

“Redwood City: ready for explosive population growth?” by former planner Mark Bartholomew. Published in San Mateo Daily Journal, August 25, 2010.

“Showdown on the salt flats,” Bay Citizen, June 2, 2010.

 “Editorial: Redwood City salt ponds not the right place for massive  development,” San Jose Mercury News, May 22, 2010.

“Bay Area officials join hands to defeat Saltworks development,” Curbed, May 4, 2010. 

Link to pdf of letter opposing Saltworks project signed by 125 current and former Bay Area officials

“Cargill plan develops more opposition,” San Mateo Daily Journal, April 30, 2010.

“A traffic nightmare for the Peninsula,” by Malcolm Dudley, former chairman of San Mateo County Transportation Authority and former mayor of Atherton. Published in The Almanac, April 28, 2010.

“Editorial: On a Redwood City development,” San Francisco Chronicle, March 4, 2010.

“Salt pond development a real threat to Redwood City’s port,” by Mike Jacob, Vice-President of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association. Published in the Palo Alto Daily News, September 12, 2009.